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Breakdown, accident recovery & vehicle transportation

Making sure our valuable customers are pleased with our services at HB Logistics (Mids) LTD which have years of experience loading and unloading vehicles at a low cost. We aim to provide professional, timely and the right solutions to meet our client’s requirements. 

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Breakdown recovery

Breakdown is the last thing we need in our day to day busy life so at HBL we offer a fleet of transportation vehicles as well as trained staff to guarantee that your vehicle is recovered and delivered to your chosen destination. Where ever you are in the UK we promise to provide a stress free roadside assistance in a safe and efficient manner. At HBL we offer a Free Diagnostic Check therefore we can address the issue your vehicle is experiencing to cause its breakdown.

HBL got to offer:

  1. A speedy recovery of your vehicle.
  2. Free 48 hour storage of your car at our  HBL Storage facility.
  3. Roadside assistance 24 hours a day 7 days a week
  4. Free Diagnostic Check to all vehicles.

Accident Recovery

Car accident can put you though a stressful time but with HBL we promise to take away any extra worries as our team can respond immediately to assist our customers no matter where in the UK.

We provide the following benefits:

  • 24 Hours car accident service 7 days a week
  • Immediate response to our customers
  • Free 48 hour vehicle storage
  • HBL Promises to get our customers to a safe location in the event of a accident.

Vehicle Transportation

HBL are experience to transport vehicles around the UK. We like our customers to know that their vehicles are in safe hands therefore our team at HBL are fully insured to deliver your brand new car to its chosen destination with full responsibly in a quick and efficient manner. We will assess the vehicle by giving a full inspection to check for any damages to ensure that all the right paperwork is completed and to give our customer that extra peace of mind.

We promise to fulfill the following:

  • Fast and efficient vehicle transportation
  • Full insurance cover whilst in our care
  • Complete any paperwork necessary
  • Complete full inspection of customer vehicle
Vehicle Disposal

Vehicle Disposal

HBL offer a free vehicle disposal service throughout the UK. We can collect any unwanted vehicle that you may have but no longer needed as our trained team can collect your vehicle and dispose it for FREE by contacting us on 0121 270 7141.

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